The MisFItz were born from bridges.

Since most of us live on the West side of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge,  we decided it was time to break free from our Tacoma brethren and embrace our local hills, valleys, and watering holes of Gig Harbor with a vengeance! Basically, we're just a bunch of blokes who love to ride, race, drink beer, and BS (mostly about bikes). We have no agenda, no politics, and are (moderately) organized - hence the name of MisFitZ. If you meet that criteria then give us a shout and bring your beer stein.



Perhaps our greatest strength. Road Racing is beautiful, eloquent, and tactful. Road racing in the Northwest is brutally challenging and habit forming. 



What's better than racing for less than an hour then polishing off your dilegence with a fresh ale and bratwurst? Nothing, 



Skill, determination, and pain. The Northwest MTB scene is quite challenging and offers some of the best single track around.

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Gig Harbor, Washington


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Our main focus is to promote cycling in the community and promote cycling to others (especially the aspiring Juniors – kids aged 12-18). Many members race in events across the Northwest; other members train together locally with the team. Those of us who race do so because we enjoy competing. When we are in a race we all work with and complement each other’s different abilities and fitness levels. Historically we have been a Masters category team, however for 2016-2018 we will be adding new members at the Cat 1/2/3/4/5 levels for the Road, Cyclocross, and Mountain bike teams.